The Consultant Practitioners

The Consultant Practitioners

It stings, but it works!

There are two problems with trying to become a professional writer.  The first is that there is a lot of competition, and the second is that the world of publishing is under financial pressure.  This means that literary agents and publishers spend more time selling, and less time reading, which in turn means that if you give them the slightest reason to reject your manuscript, they will.

The solution is straightforward.  Do not give them a reason to reject your work.  Make sure it is the absolute best it can be.  That is the aim of The Consultant Practitioners.

Novel & Short Story Services:

  1. Page by Page – Initial Assessment £10.  Full analysis plus report - £40 + £1/page.
  2. Synopsis – Initial Assessment £10.  Full Analysis £40 - £70.
  3. Submission Pack – Initial Assessment £10. Full, repeated analysis. £60 - £120.
  4. Mentoring – Initial Assessment £10.  Full mentoring service, by arrangement.
  5. Script – Initial assessment - £15.  Full analysis plus report - £40 + £1/page.

1. Page by Page: 

The Service:  As the heading suggests, this is a detailed page by page analysis of your work, focusing on; description, characterization, dialogue, pacing and consistency of our story, together with a report summarising the strengths and weaknesses of the piece. 

The detail of this analysis will differ substantially according to your stage of development as a writer.  We therefore ask potential clients to submit a small sample, (up to 1,000 words).  This enables us to assess how much help you need, and allows you to see what you’re paying for.  We provide feedback on this work for a nominal fee of £10, following which we can discuss how best to proceed.

2. Synopsis: 

This is a word that people often use without being quite clear as to what it means.  Yes, it’s a summary of your story, but in fact there are two very different kinds of synopsis.

The tool of your craft:  This form of synopsis is the story outline that your will prepare before you begin writing, and which will develop as you write.  It is a tool of your craft, helping you to ensure that your story has the necessary pace and tension to hold the reader’s interest.  Over-planning can kill a story, but some idea of where your story is going is essential.

The sales tool:  This is a one or two page synopsis of your story that you will submit to agents and publishers at the end of the writing process.  Whilst it is based on the original synopsis, its purpose, and therefore its content, will be very different.  At this stage, the synopsis becomes a sales tool.  This synopsis will be tightly written in the style of your novel, it will convey the tension and emotional force of your story with such power that the agent will feel compelled to read on.

The Service:  You submit your synopsis together with a brief email setting out the stage you are at with your novel, and the purpose of the synopsis.  (It may be that you are seeking to develop two separate documents).

We will then read your synopsis for a nominal fee of £10, and quote a price based on the work required.

Once the price is agreed, we will then make some suggestions and ask you to amend and resubmit your synopsis.  We then repeat the process up to three times, until the document is the best it can be.

3. Novel Submission Pack:

Most agents and publishers will expect to receive a covering letter, brief synopsis and the opening three chapters of your book.

These documents are key.  If the letter is poor, chances are they will never read any further.  The same goes for the synopsis.  After all that hard work, it makes sense to ensure that you submission pack is the best it can be.

The Service:  You send your submission pack.  We will read it for a nominal fee of £10, and quote a price based on how much work we feel is required.  Once the fee is agreed, we will send you detailed feedback and ask that you re-write the submission pack and return it to me.  We then repeat the process up to three times, until the documents are the best they can be.

4. Mentoring:

This service is available only to those writers whose writing we relate to, and who we feel have a strong chance of success.  Please submit an initial 1,000 word sample of your work together with your email enquiry, and £10 reading fee.

5. Script:

Script Writing Services are also available from TCP, provided by John Hickman, winner of the BAFTA Rocliffe TV Writing Competition, 2014.

The Service:  You send a five page sample of your script together with the ‘one page’ synopsis.  John will read this for a nominal charge of £15 and provide some general feedback summarising the strengths and weaknesses of the piece, together with a price for a detailed analysis of the script.

Once the price is agreed, you submit the full script and ‘one page’.  John will then provide detailed page by page feedback together with a summary report for a fixed fee of £40 + £1/page. Please note, this is a one-off service.


As will be apparent, TCP’s goal is to help you to make your work the best it can be.  To this end, there is no point in being ‘nice’.  We will be honest.  We will praise what is good, but you are not paying for empty praise.  The focus will be on what can be improved, and the reality is that you will need to develop a very thick skin if you are to succeed as a professional writer.

Please send initial submissions to  Payments may be made by cheque, payable to The Consultant Practitioners, or by Paypal.  Please note that when making payment you MUST include your name in the reference. Contact me for further details,