Short Stories

The Bearer

'A terrible and wonderful insight into the inhumanity of man.' Winner of the Wasafiri International Fiction Prize, 2014.


A classic tale of Victorian horror.

On Low Newton Beach

When a domestic gets out of hand...  (This prize-winning story was ultimately developed into the full length novel, Denial).

The Derby Winner

A heart-warming story with a very local setting, short-listed for the Room to Write Awards, 2014.

Second in The Queue

A warning.  Act now, or suffer the consequences.

The Jolly King

A little bit of humanity can go a long, long way.

The Sting

Flash fiction, with a sting in the tail.


A very brief flash.


The flowers are a bit squashed from next door’s football, but the butterfly doesn’t mind.

Picture of man for Pension Guarantee Cover

They were promised seven percent for life.  Guaranteed.

We stand together at the triple glazed window and look down at Maisie, our gloriously impractical Mini Cooper in her personalized bay, three floors below.  A shadow falls across the Union Flag on her roof.  Anxiety tingles at the back of my jaw, and a silver-grey car glides to a stop beside her.  An approximation of a car.  One of those driverless things with the windscreen blacked out, an insect from a nightmare, big enough to swallow the Mini in a single venomous bite.

Story coming soon...